Sunday, August 24, 2014

Around the house

Our princess loves to entertain baby 
And play with everything
Here our mischievous big boy

He likes to be busy making projects, crafts....
Being silly...I thought I only had one baby , but definitely was fun to get a ride, right?
Here Joel being self reliant....
Diana cooking some mangoes in the crockpot (it was unplug)

Craft time 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Joel and Daddy's bday

Finally the day to celebrate our first born arrived....after too many months of waiting and counting down the days, Joel and Tom's birthday was here.
Joel got a nice present from grandma and grandpa Culwell.
They decided to decorate the box since it was Friday evening when the present got here and the rule was to wait until Saturday 

That evening We had some friends coming over to celebrate, it was really fun.

Since we rented this big water slide that adults could also ride...Tom and kids started their own party at 3pm ( while everybody else was expected at 530pm)

Wish I took more pics or even video of the fun they were having.
One of the bday boys
These kids were tired by the time everybody got here

The pool was fun but the water slide was a hit
The other bday boy busy grilling

Enjoying the party

Joel was so excited and Diana enjoyed the celebration too
This is the attempt of bday cake I made, I could verily decorated because baby didn't take naps and made it a little hard but if was glad I made it...Joel didn't care he was happy with his cake because of the soccer players....

Family picture

Singing happy bday and blowing candles 

Favorite part...opening presents...

Happy bday boy... And let me tell you that the other bday boy had a great time that even after everybody was gone he waited for me to try the water slide before he turn it off, it was past 9pm after we cleaned a little and put kids down... It was a long day but with lots of fun.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Diana ballerina

Now was Diana's turn to take couple classes...Acro/ballet.
She's very excited to be able to do and learn more things, I'm surprised how independent and confident she is, that I'm more worried than her...again when I drop her off at her class, she's just wave...she just keeps telling me : 'mom, I'm fine, this is just my dance class'.

I tried to take couple pictures but she doesn't really like them and when I ask her to say cheese to get a big smile, it didn't  happen and she got tired of mommy as you can see in one of the pictures.

Today was her second class and Diana was more willing to poss for mommy that without asking her she started to poss for me ( I like it ;) )
When I was getting her ready was very easy and she was saying I'm going to ballet...I'm going to ballet!!!